Did you know it take a maximum of 30 seconds for one head louse to crawl from one human host to another?

Head lice is becoming a growing epidemic that has schools and parents in complete disarray. Selfies, or photo’s where multiple people cram together to fit into an arms-length picture, has become one of the leading ways of contracting head lice. Because of the popularity of selfies, what used to be an issues for children 12 and under is now a growing concern for many teens and young adults. According to a recent study by Kursk regional department of Rospotrebnadzor the increase in head lice has been primarily linked to the fame of selfies.

Although it is hard telling children and teens not to hug one another, share brushes, or touch heads, by simply explaining the consequences of selfies could make the difference. Parents should also check their children for head lice at least once a week with a head louse comb.