After Our Treatment
Our product needs to remain on the hair for at least 2 hours after treatment.

Prior to going to bed, shampoo the hair. Important to remember, when rinsing your child’s hair have your child’s head tilted back, so no product gets into the eyes. Also, NEVER rinse the product out of your child’s hair while they sit in the tub (especially little girls). Have them stand in the shower.

To reduce your child’s chances of a re-infestation, we recommend you pulling long hair back into a ponytail, braid or bun while playing with others and spray mint spray on it to help repel lice.We strongly encourage you to please call your child’s school and any family and friends that have been in contact with your child.

DON’T BE EMBARRESSED TO MAKE THESE CALLS!  WHY WASTE YOUR MONEY, PAY FOR TREATMENT AND, SEND YOUR CHILD BACK TO SCHOOL, ONLY TO GET RE-INFESTED BY ANOTHER CHILD?Pre-book your two Follow-Up Head Checks 5-7 and 10-14 days after Treatment to ensure your family stays lice free.