Have all members of the family wash their hair and have hair completely dry. Also, no products, such as gels or hairspray should be applied to the hair, as this makes it difficult for our technicians to proceed with their job.

This is very important – Brush and comb all family members hair, as this will add to the time it takes us if we have to do this.

Wearing a button down shirt will make it easier to remove after the treatment.

If the hair is long, please have a new/clean scrunchie available for after treatment.

While we will make every attempt to make your child as comfortable as possible, he/she will be sitting for an extended period of time 1.5-3hrs. So we strongly encourage you to have their favorite book, CD/DVD and/or toy and a snack handy for them.There is no need to stress over all the cleaning in your house; lice can’t survive off the head, living in the environment for no longer than 17-24 hours. There is no cleaning necessary until after treatment. We will give you all the tools and knowledge to handle this in a more calm and realistic way.